Biological odour neutraliser 750ml


Where the source of a smell cannot be moved (e.g. wheelie bin store) or has no easily isolated source (e.g. smoking area), Odour Neutraliser utilises absorbent technology for fast, complete removal of unpleasant odours, effectively refreshing and revitalising stale or foul smelling surfaces and airways.

  • Odour absorber binds to remove odours, rather than masking as with conventional air fresheners

  • Targets odoriferous molecules such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, thioether, isolvaleric acid and ammonia based odours

  • Pleasant fragrance to provide a lasting and fresh scent while the odour neutraliser gets to work

  • Immediate and long lasting action

  • Ideal for industrial and institutional use

  • Ideal for treating refuse collection areas, wheelie bins and waste stores, smoking areas, stale sweat smelling stairways and communal areas

  • Suitable for use on most colour fast surfaces

  • Reduces CO2e by up to 85%


Code: B4692

Unit: 750ml

Biological odour neutraliser 750ml

SKU: B4692