Biological gum, mark and graffiti remover 750ml


Utilises a powerful, safe, eco friendly, non flammable organic solvent to remove chewing gum, adhesives, tyre and other black marks, graffiti such as ink, permanent marker/spray paint and nail varnish from a variety of surfaces.

  • Removes chewing gum easily

  • Removes black marks such as tyre, pram and shoe scuffs

  • Removes graffiti including felt tip pen, marker pens, ballpoint inks, spray paints

  • Can be used safely in confined and enclosed areas

  • Suitable for use on most surfaces without causing dulling or damaging paintwork

  • Low odour and volatility no chlorinated solvents or flammable alcohols

  • Safer for the user than traditional cleaners

  • Suitable for internal and external use


Code: B4672

Unit: 750ml

Biological gum, mark and graffiti remover 750ml

SKU: B4672