Biological carpet & fabric cleaner & deodouriser 5lt


Soft Fabric Cleaner utilises specialist enzymes and microbes to break down organic-based deposits, removing stains and eliminating associated unpleasant malodours.

  • Naturally safe and gentle way of completely removing stains and odours, improving the longevity of fabrics as well as being kinder to the environment

  • Triple action: cleans / lifts stains / breaks down deep rooted stains at the source and deodorises

  • Fast enzymatic action provides immediate odour relief

  • Microbes colonise the porous surface and provide long lasting residual action for the complete degradation of stains and removal of odours

  • Specifically designed to tackle organic based stains and odours from: - humans and pets (vomit, faeces, sweat and urine) - food based spills (milk, red wine, egg, gravy, sauces and fruit juices)

  • Suitable for use on most colour fast surfaces


Code: B4690

Unit: 5lt

Biological carpet & fabric cleaner & deodouriser 5lt

SKU: B4690