Bio wood & leather polish 750ml


Wood and Leather Polish utilises eco-friendly surfactants for cleaning and a unique blend of waxes for polishing and protecting surfaces

  • Triple action: cleans/restores/conditions wood & leather in less time with minimal effort

  • Removes scratches, scuffs and worn spots, dust/finger marks and surface stains

  • Absorbs deep into the surface providing ongoing protection to both wood and leather as well as restoring the suppleness of leather

  • Nourishes and lubricates with no tackiness or greasy residues

  • Leaves a deep long-lasting shine

  • Contains specialty eco-surfactants and a durable aqueous wax emulsion

  • Possesses anti-static properties and a clean pleasant fragrance

  • Eco-friendly, safe and effective


Code: B4671

Unit: 750ml

Bio wood & leather polish 750ml

SKU: B4671