Met Office issue UK snow warning and share exact dates in October

The UK could be hit by snow in a matter of weeks, the Met Office has predicted.

The weather across the UK continues to get worse with heavy rain and colder temperatures.

But it could be set to get even colder with meteorologists warning many areas of the UK could be his by snow in the next few weeks.

Forecasters predicts snow will fall “as October falls into November” meaning we could see a white Halloween.

Met Office senior meteorologist Greg Dewhurst told The Sun: “We’re likely to see some snowy weather in higher parts as October moves into November.

“Likely areas to be affected are the Scottish mountains as well as higher ground in northern England and northern Wales.

“Low areas are unlikely to see any.

“It’s quite normal for this time of year.”

The snow warning is further evidence that Britain’s warm spell is over as temperatures are set to fall to average for autumn – and wind and rain sweep the nation.

As the UK moves into autumn, heavy rainfall is expected throughout the week, with western Scotland, Wales and north-west England expected to be the wettest areas.

Winds are expected to reach highs of 69mph on Wednesday in the east of England and the whole of the UK will experience winds averaging 35mph until the weekend.

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