Farnborough Airport entrances blocked by protesters

IMAGE SOURCE,EXTINCTION REBELLION UK Image caption,Environmental activists have blocked three entrances to Farnborough Airport

Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion have blocked entrances to a private airport in Hampshire.

Campaign group members are outside three entrances to Farnborough Airport protesting against carbon dioxide levels produced by private flights.

Some of the protesters have locked themselves to a stretch limousine, fuel barrels and a steel tripod.

An airport spokeswoman said authorities were monitoring the situation and the airport was still fully operational.

An Extinction Rebellion spokesman said: "As world leaders gather for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this month, protesters are calling on the world's super-rich elite of celebrities, oligarchs and business leaders to ditch private flights."

Protesters have accused the airport of "greenwashing" after it announced a switch to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which is created using non-recyclable household waste.

Greenwashing is a term used for companies allegedly using misleading information to make products or services sound more environmentally friendly.

IMAGE SOURCE,EXTINCTION REBELLION UK Image caption,Protesters accused the private airport of "greenwashing"

Todd Smith, 32, activist and a former airline pilot from Reading, Berkshire, criticised Farnborough Airport's move to offer sustainable aviation fuel as an alternative.

He said: "The term 'sustainable aviation fuel' was coined by the aviation and fossil fuel industry to deceive the public and greenwash the utterly destructive nature of biofuels.

"Biofuels result in land grabs, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, rising food prices and land-use emissions which can be worse than the fossil fuel they are replacing."

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A government spokesperson previously told the BBC: "We share the passion of many to end our contribution to climate change and protect the planet for this generation and those to come."

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman confirmed officers were at the scene of the protest and no arrests had been made.

They added: "Everyone has the right to free speech and protest."

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